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Labster - Learn Science Practically

It was in Aug 2020 when I met with Michael Bodekaer, CEO at Labster and initiated a journey with him to develop a mobile app for their product to cater and expand to the Indian Market which is largely mobile. With a small team of 5 founding developers, we designed, developed, reiterated features multiple times until we had a product ready that felt right and finally launched the application by the year end for users. 

The launch was a blast and we have received over 300k+ downloads in just a matter of four months with an overwhelming 4.6 :star: rating in Playstore.

The application from the beginning was designed completely in Flutter which has helped and ramped up the development speed manifold. We have received a lot of appreciation from users for the beautiful app design, having Dr.One an in app guide to help working with the help of Rive animations, thanks to Flutter! 

The team with weeks of brainstorming have come up with the best possible app architecture and state management solution, making the application highly scalable and maintainable. 

The journey has surely been amazing and the popularity and happy user reviews surely fills our heart! I had the best time of my life developing this product!

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